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A closer look at the non-conference schedule

Posted by Tim on November 14, 2006

SU has taken a lot of crap in years past for the perceived poor quality of its early season opponents. Some of this has been deserved; Jim Boeheim has often been willing to schedule just about any New York school that’s willing to come to the Dome. But this year is a different story. Check out the final official RPI’s for our nonconference opponents:

Wichita State: 19
Hofstra: 30
UTEP: 76
Northeastern: 88
Penn: 94
OK State: 95
Charlotte: 99
Holy Cross: 110
Drexel: 125
Baylor: 174
Canisius: 252
St. Francis: 270
Colgate: 286
St. Bonaventure: 290

With the exception of the Oklahoma State game, which will take place at the Garden in New York, and the Canisius game, to be played in Buffalo, all these matchups will go down in the Dome. That’s probably not what the NCAA Tournament committee wants to see. And it’ll no doubt become fodder for some of the pundits who love to hate the Orange. But it’s a part of Boeheim’s philosophy — and an economic necessity — that’s not going to change anytime soon. This schedule is relatively tough by historical standards, but is it enough to get the Orange ready for the Big East season? Only time will tell.


2 Responses to “A closer look at the non-conference schedule”

  1. bobbyRicky said

    what can i say 🙂

  2. […] a post I wrote late last year, here are the final 2005-06 RPIs of our pre-Big East opponents this year. Now check out this chart that compares them to the RPI calculations over at […]

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