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3 wins in 48 hours

Posted by Josh on November 13, 2006

…equalling the football team’s output over 11 weeks. (Oops, did I use the f-word? Sorry.)

d-c! Overall, you have to be pleased with the weekend’s events. Sure, they were sloppy at times, had trouble slamming the door, were not agressive on the boards against the smaller teams, etc etc. Those phrases show up in pretty much any early-season SU game story of the past 15 years. Gone are the days of thrashing C.W.Post 129-72 in the Dome (1989; Derrick Coleman triple-double!).

What excites me about the results of these 3 games is the balance. The team has not had a balanced offensive attack since ’03 — even though everything ran through Melo, you could generally count on Gerry, Hakim, Kueth, and eventually Edelin to be solid options. (Remember Duany’s Jordan impersonation in New Jersey?) The past couple years they’ve been so reliant on one or two guys (you all know who they are) that, when the other team was able to check those guys, nobody else picked up the slack. That should not be as much of a problem this year. They will be able to bring the beatdown from many different sources.

The flip side, of course, is that there is no player who so far stands out as the stud who can single-handedly win you a game or two when it matters. The most likely candidate is Devendorf (can we please find him a nickname besides Devo? Are we not MEN?!) who played very well this weekend, and who should naturally pick his game up further when the competition intensifies. Nichols has a chance too, if he is mentally willing to be that guy. Less likely, in my opinion, would be for it to come from one of the big men — although that would be preferable, since post players are generally less prone to cold streaks than shooters. At any rate, this is definitely something to watch out for as the season progresses. Whether someone develops into this type of go-to player will go a long way in determining how close to the championship they get.

Also, Bernie Fine. Just so he can get into the categories list.


3 Responses to “3 wins in 48 hours”

  1. syracusan said

    Category foul!

  2. Tim said

    Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s two shots and the ball. You can’t just go throwing the associate head coach’s name around. Or something.

  3. Josh said

    All I have to say is

    Bernie Fine posts: 1
    Jim Boeheim posts: 0

    And, is anyone reading this yet besides the 3 of us?

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