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Gas face

Posted by Tim on November 29, 2006

I’m planning to drop a Wichita State preview tomorrow or Friday. But in the meantime, I propose a little contest for the Cuse Country crew. You can even play along at home or on your own blog.

It’s pretty easy: Whoever can find the best picture of Jim Boeheim giving someone the gas face wins.

The rules are simple:

1) Make sure Jimmy B is giving a genuine gas face. See here, here or here if you’re not sure what constitutes the gas face.

2) Links only, please.

3) Finding the best picture will be its own reward.

I’ll start it off: Hey, Billy Edelin … gas face!


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If you like this year’s team…

Posted by Tim on November 29, 2006

…just wait till next year. If you got all worked up when you saw all the nice things had to say about SU’s 2007 recruits, check out the plaudits (ha!) Scouts Inc. has showered on them in the brand-new ESPN list of Top 150 prospects.

For starters, Donte Green is eighth overall and the top-rated power forward in all the land. Johnny Flynn, the no. 2 point guard graduating from high school in the spring, isn’t far behind, ranked 15th. Rick Jackson is 33rd overall and sixth among centers, and Antonio Jardine is 64th overall and 19th among shooting guards. Center Sean Williams didn’t make the list.

Wishing for Paul Harris to stick around for his sophomore year is tantamount to hoping he has a terrible season, and it seems pretty likely from the Orange’s early games that the team’s hopes may rest on his exceedingly broad shoulders. But if he decides he wants to work on his shooting (didn’t that reasoning work with Hakim Warrick?) and play with former teammate Flynn, watch out.

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Major Pro News

Posted by Josh on November 29, 2006

Two major stories tonight regarding former Orangemen.

Mike Waters has just broken the news on the blog that Gerry McNamara has requested and been granted his release from his Greek team, Olympiacos. There is not yet any news release on the team’s website, or the Euroleague website, but I will link to such once there is (if there’s an English version). Considering his well-chronicled (by this blog) lack of playing time, this is not a shocking move. The question is, where will he end up? He was drafted #1 overall by the Northeastern PA USBL team, so if he feels like heading home that is a possibility. The NBDL is starting up, there might be a spot for him there. And considering that he was good enough to earn a roster spot for one of the top European teams, I’d guess he’d have a pretty good chance to sign up with most European squads, if he wanted to. We will of course keep you posted as much as possible on these developments.

The other big story was Carmelo Anthony going head-to-head with Hakim Warrick in Denver tonight. The two former Orangemen both led their teams’ attacks. Melo had 14 in the first quarter as the Nuggets pushed out to an early lead. Warrick started off slow, hitting only one of his first 5 attempts (a dunk of course) and being taken out of the game halfway through the quarter. But he would have his time soon.

After a Carmelo dunk gave the Nugs a 10-pt lead early in the 2nd quarter, Warrick came back in the game. He immediately hit a short jumper, igniting a 17-5 run in which Hak scored 9 points, hitting all 4 of his shots — on the last of which he was fouled, and hit the free throw, at which point Denver had to take a timeout to try and stop the bleeding. They succeeded, behind Carmelo’s 6 points and 2 assists, though Hak had 2 more hoops in the period as well, and they went to the half with Memphis up by 1.

The teams traded blows in the 3rd quarter. At one point Hak had two dunks in the span of 25 seconds. Melo had 6 points and 2 assists. The lead at the end of three remained Memphis up by 1.

Early in the 4th quarter, Memphis built a lead of about 10 points. This was a cold spell for both Anthony and Warrick; the difference in the game was that other Grizzlies were able to step up while Melo got no help while he was struggling. Denver was scoreless for 4:19, but still Anthony was the one who scored on both ‘ends’ of that drought. At this point comes the all-Orange sequence of the game. With Memphis up 8, the two Cuse guys traded baskets on five straight possessions. Warrick scored, then Carmelo answered, then Warrick scored again, then Melo answered again, then Warrick threw down a driving dunk to push the lead back to 10. And, though Melo hit one more shot down the stretch and assisted on another, it was not enough to pull the Nuggets back into the game. Grizzlies 108, Nuggets 96.

Final stats: Anthony 37 points, 9 rebs, 7 assists, 1 block; Warrick 25 pts, 4 rebs, 1 block, 1 win. Both shot over 50% from the floor. The two teams will match up three more times this year, but the next meeting is not until January.

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A little historical perspective

Posted by Tim on November 28, 2006

How impressive is the Orange’s undeafeted record in early season action? The other Orange Hoops takes the long view.

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Against All Odds

Posted by Tim on November 28, 2006

Josh Wright dunks!

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One good half

Posted by Tim on November 28, 2006

Mike Waters watched last night’s game against Holy Cross and apparently saw a big gray cloud. His article spends the first six paragraphs talking about the foul trouble in which Demetris Nichols and found themselves in the second half before touching on the Orange’s pretty impressive defensive effort in the first 20 minutes. Compare that to the silver-lining Associated Press game story, which leads off with the seldom-written words “Jim Boeheim liked what he saw” and goes on to discuss SU’s “smothering defense.” (The Orange limited the Crusaders to 17 points on 8-for-26 shooting and forced 13 turnovers in the first half.)

All three stories I saw (the third being Jeff DiVeronica’s recap in the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle) mentioned Boeheim’s praise for his team’s first-half defense, an effort he descibed as “best … we’ve played in a long time.” But I would have liked to see more written about the man-to-man coverage they used. When SU has success without going into the zone, someone should take a look at how it happened. It’s news, people!

None of these stories really make palpable the anxiety of the game’s final moments, when Holy Cross trailed by only a few points and SU had long since used its final timeout. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I was pretty sure some of the Crusaders’ desperation heaves were going to fall. Considering the game shouldn’t have been close in the first place (and wouldn’t have been if not for those 15 second-half fouls), it evoked that mixture of annoyance and terror that SU fans know so well. Thankfully we dodged that bullet.

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new rankings

Posted by syracusan on November 28, 2006

SU jumped from 17 to 15 in the AP poll this week, and held steady at 14th in the Coaches poll. For once, I’m reasonably satisfied with our position. Despite playing 20 whole minutes of decent basketball tonight vs. Holy Cross, the Orange haven’t done anything yet to deserve being ranked any higher. Holy Cross may end up being a pretty good team this year though, so keep an eye on this win proving to be a boon in the RPI by the end of the year.

I do have some other issues with the polls though. Duke, who lost last week, fell only two spots in each poll, to 10th and 11th. Meanwhile Georgetown, who won their only game last week, dropped SEVEN spots in the Coaches poll, to 23rd. They also dropped two spots in the AP poll. WTF? Granted they beat a shitty team, but Maryland only beat creampuffs Winthrop and “High Point” (??) last week, and they surged five spots. Typical bullshit.

In other news, Wichita State is up to 17th and 22nd in the two polls. We might lose to them by 20. Mid-majors are flexing muscles all over the place, with Butler at 18th and 19th, the Zags at 21st and 22nd, and Nevada at 24th in the AP. UNC dropped out of the top 5 in both polls, and our boys at Pitt get to spend a week all the way up at #2 in the AP, even though they frankly haven’t done a damn thing this year to prove themselves.

Here’s the key info:

2. Pitt
8. Marquette
15. SU
18. G-Town
20. UConn
Votes: West Virginia, Louisville, Nova

3. Pitt
9. Marquette
14. SU
15. UConn
23. G-Town
Votes: Louisville

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How they won: Syracuse defeats Holy Cross

Posted by andrewgp on November 27, 2006

A chart showing who held the lead throughout the game, and by how much.


BANG IT HERE to see an archive of charts from this year.

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Pro Update 11-27

Posted by Josh on November 27, 2006

Much was afoot over the past week.

Carmelo Anthony is currently leading the NBA in scoring at 31.1 ppg. Even more impressive is that he is doing it by shooting 51% from the floor (and 86% from the line). He has only three games of under 30 points this year. Once he had 28, and once he had 29; in the first game of the year he had only 15, but that was when he was ejected on technicals midway through the game. Last week Melo was named NBA Player of the Week for the Western Conference. He had 29 vs the Bulls on Tuesday, 33 vs the Warriors on Wednesday, 30 vs. those same Warriors on Friday, and 33 vs. the Clippers on Sunday (a game in which he also had 5 rebs, 6 assists, and 4 steals). Also, Denver won all four games and are now 8-4 after starting the season with 3 straight losses (all by 3 or fewer points).

Hakim Warrick continues to produce for the Grizzlies. He has 18 pts and 7 rebs in a win over Washington on Friday, and 12 pts and 6 rebs in a loss to the Rockets on Saturday. In both games he was Memphis’ leading scorer.

Etan Thomas had 10pts and 11 rebs on Friday vs Warrick & Co., then 9 pts and 7 rebs on Saturday. The Wizards lost both games and are only 4-9 on the season.

Jason Hart has been re-buried on the bench — after seeing his first action of the year last week, he did not play in any of the Kings’ three games this week.

In the ABA:

Kueth Duany’s Buffalo Silverbacks got off the schneid, defeating Z Sims’ Razorsharks 96-93 on Friday. It was Rochester’s first loss of the season. I couldn’t find a game story with details of Z’s stats, but Duany did play in his first game of the season. He had 16 points. I mean, 17 points. No wait, hold on, he had 21 points. Do I hear 23? Going once….
(This is ridiculous. I’m not sure I can keep including the ABA in something called the Pro Update.)

In Europe:

  • Preston Shumpert had 14 pts in a Euroleague loss on Wed, then7 pts in an Italian league win on Saturday. (By the way, a slient prayer of thanks that Shumpert predated the way-overused “first-initial-and-first-syllable-of-last-name” nickname trend. I can handle A-Rod, G-Mac and even D-Wade if I must, but not P-Shump.)
  • Speaking of Gerry McNamara, he once again did not play in his Greek team’s Euroleague game this week.
  • Josh Pace had 15 pts (including another 3) and 5 rebs in a win on Wednesday
  • Otis Hill did not play in his Croatian team’s most recent game. No indication why he missed the game. By the way, he is not playing in the intra-Croatian league, but rather in the Adriatic Basketball League featuring the top teams from Croatia, Serbia-Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovinia, and Slovenia. And he is a top player in that league. So, props to Otis.
  • Elvir Ovcina had 18 pts and 12 rebs in a European Cup win Tuesday, then 13 & 11 in a Belgian-league win Saturday.

In Japan, Damone Brown’s team (and in fact the entire Superleague) appears to be off till January. Not sure if the season is over, or if they just have two totally separate seasons, or what. Meanwhile, Ryan Blackwell continues to rock the BJ-league. He had 20 pts, 13 rebs, and 5 assists on Saturday, and followed that up with 17 & 7 & 3 on Sunday as his team claimed a pair of 2-point victories on the road against the Oita Heat Devils. Here are a couple photos featuring Ryan (at least I think that’s him) from the Heat Devils’ site. Also, check out the in-game entertainment in Oita. I want that job at the Dome.

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More Canisius

Posted by Josh on November 27, 2006

Game stories:

Poke around the Buffalo & Niagara sites; there are several auxiliary stories, mostly about local boy Paul Harris.

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